The advanced jewellery course for skilled

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Advanced jewellery course

In-depth study of jewellery making techniques: wire-drawing, plating, fretwork, soldering, bead setting and à jour preparation.

Hot and cold wax modeling, plasticine modeling with relative silicon moulds, precision casting process.

Execution of pieces based on the drawings and models: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces with complex clasp and jointed mechanisms.

Finishing processes of the executed pieces, smoothing, dressing and polishing.

Various kinds of jewellery-finishing processes.

Lessons are also provided in stone setting, burin engraving and on the techniques of fired enameling. Practical exercises in stone-setting, fired enamel techniques and punch engraving.


Advanced jewellery course

2021 course prices

One-month course 92 hours in 4 weeks € 1550
Three-month course 276 hours in 12 weeks € 3750
Six-month course 552 hours on 24 weeks € 6150
One-year course 828 hours in 36 weeks € 8450
Two-year course 1656 hours in 72 weeks € 14200

Notes on the course

Attendance: 23 hours a week

With the exception of those attending the one-month jewellery courses, all students who have no knowledge of the elements of technical design must attend 8 hours of technical drawing and design (included in the price).

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