Jewellery making course and jewellery design course

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Combined jewellery courses

Jewellery making course

Characteristics and behavior of metal during working.

Constructing a piece of jewellery: components and combination for joining the parts. Hot and cold wax modeling and execution based on the drawings and models: rings with different kinds of shanks and preparation of the relative collets, earrings and pendants with jointed clasps, construction of hinged joints, tunneled pins and two-pin clasps.

Finishing the executed pieces, smoothing, dressing, polishing and enhancing techniques. Practical exercises in stone-setting and engraving and introductory lessons in precision casting.

Jewellery design course

The course emphasizes the technical aspect of the training needed to properly set-up a project.

Technical drawing, mixed graphic illustration techniques, volumes and surfaces of metals, color combinations and coloring of the various kinds of stones.

Clasps, joints, articulations, mechanisms, assembly and joining systems.

Designing a parure: necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelet and ring.

The projects include the examination and selection of materials and of a decorative technique.

The course objective is to fashion clear and executable models.


Jewellery making and jewellery design

2021 course prices

Three-month c. 228+96 hours in 12 weeks € 4650
Course extension 76+32 hours in 4 weeks € 1450

Notes on the course

With the exception of those attending the one-month jewellery courses, all students who have no knowledge of the elements of technical design must attend 8 hours of technical drawing and design (included in the price).

Jewellery design: drawing

Jewellery making courses: creation of the drawn piece of jewellery in silver and enamel