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Engraving course

Florentine-style engraving technique

When one speaks of artistic craftsmanship, one speaks of Florence, of talent and great dexterity, of genius, of outstanding creativity and last, but not least, of technique: all indispensable elements for creating a work of art, a unique piece of jewellery.

Engraving is an example of this. Using only the skills of his/her hands and a few simple tools (various types of chisels and a few other “irons”) the artisan can bestow upon the metal of any piece of jewellery the effect of velvet, silk or damask, or decorate it to create the effect of lace, or frame it with borders, or give it an infinity of floral motifs in order to create a distinctive and unique piece.

All these are the characteristics of the “Florentine Style” that have made it famous.

The learning phases of this jewellery decoration technique are as follows: drawing, preparing the tools, the correct use of chisels, hands-on exercises, modeling small bas-relief figures, the cloisonné and champlevé techniques for enameling, engraving coat-of-arms in “negative” for seals, damascening and finishing.


Jewellery making technique
Florentine-style engraving

2021 course prices

Florentine-style engraving course € 1420

Notes on the course

Three-month courses of 96 hours

Florentine style engraving