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Jewellery school in Florence - Jewellery making courses

The jewellery school in Florence Metallo Nobile is active in the fields of jewellery making and jewellery design since 1998.

The jewellery making courses, taught by master artisans and professional in these fields, are many and of differing durations, taking into consideration the requirements and goals of the participants.

The school is also involved in projects for the transfer of know-how and innovation. Since 2007, Metallo Nobile collaborates regularly with the Technological Institute for Metals and Jewellery and with the “Azza Fahamy Jewellery” jewellery company, both located in Cairo, Egypt.

In 2008, the school held training courses in Florentine-style engraving and fretwork techniques for the employees of the “Buccellati Watches SA” Company of Chiasso in Switzerland.

In 2009, the school was the venue of the course Jewellery making techniques: execution of artifacts with Florentine style fretwork, financed under the Provincial Catalogue of the Training Provision of the Province of Florence.

The Metallo Nobile school is located in the historic center of Florence, a stone’s throw from the Ponte Vecchio, in the neighborhood of goldsmiths and jewelers, of artists and artisans. It is housed in a Renaissance palazzo, with a large, well-equipped workshop containing individual professional workbenches, tools and equipment for the various specializations, machinery for executing the complete precision casting cycle and classrooms for drawing and designing, both freehand and computer-aided.