Prototyping of jewellery at the jewellery-making school

3D stereolithographic machine for Digital Wax models of jewels Jewel prototypes in resin

Prototyping in the jewellery-making workshop

The prototype is a model created during the last step of the designing and experimenting, and it represents the starting point for standard production of a jewel.

The creation of a prototype is also possible with traditional techniques however this process is much longer, being very time consuming, and it does not allow for creating complex shapes. The invention of rapid phototyping saves time and cuts the costs of creating any kind of prototype.

Rapid phototyping works via the addition of material, making it possible to obtain even very complex shapes which would be impossible to create with traditional methods. The material is simply added layer by layer (layered manufacturing).

The Metallo Nobile school avails of a Digital Wax stereolithographic printer which allows for the creation of jewel prototypes in resin and is always used in every course.

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