Gianni Martini, teacher of the jewellery school

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Gianni Martini ~ jewellery making and fretwork

Gianni received no formal education in jewellery making or in the arts in general.

His passion for jewellery making grew later, as he spent time in his father’s workshop, renowned goldsmith and jewellery designer. He acquired all his technical skills in his father’s workshop, which he inherited in 1976.

He is an expert in pressure casting, wax, silicone rubbers and fretwork. He was a long-time collaborator of the Buccellati Watches SA Company as prototype supplier. He has taught the art of fretwork in various Florentine schools.

He has been a teacher at the Metallo Nobile jewellery school since 2009.

On behalf of the school and with great praise, in 2009 he taught the course “Jewellery making techniques: design and engraving; execution of artifacts with Florentine style fretwork. This course was inserted into the experimental catalogue of the teaching curriculum of the Province of Florence and financed by the Tuscan Region.

He loves nature; in his free time, he takes walks in the mountains or along the seashore.


Goldsmith workshops
and artistic training

Many Florentine artists of the Renaissance received part of their training in goldsmith workshops. Just to name a few, Ghiberti grew up in his father’s goldsmith workshop and, more or less in the same period, Brunelleschi, Donatello and Luca della Robbia were receiving training in this art.

Jewellery making workshop

Goldsmith workshop, from De spherae (1480-1490)