Ivo Consigli, teacher of the jewellery school

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Ivo Consigli ~ jewellery making

He received his Diploma from Professional School for Goldsmiths. Immediately following, he began his activity as employee of a famous jewellery company, remaining there for 11 years until 1990.

In 1990, he started his own jewellery workshop, passing on the ancient tradition of Florentine style working processes and bringing forth unique creations made by shaping and melding precious metals in manifold forms. He is an expert in working with platinum, a technique that requires particular technical skills and great attention. He not only creates custom-made jewellery according to the customer’s wishes, but is also available to design the jewellery as well.

He knows and appraises precious and semi-precious gemstones. Since 2005, in addition to his work as jewellery maker, he is a master teacher at the Metallo Nobile jewellery school.

Ivo loves to play five-a-side soccer, to gather mushrooms and to take walks in forests.


Goldsmith workshops
and artistic training

Many Florentine artists of the Renaissance received part of their training in goldsmith workshops. Just to name a few, Ghiberti grew up in his father’s goldsmith workshop and, more or less in the same period, Brunelleschi, Donatello and Luca della Robbia were receiving training in this art.

Jewellery making workshop

Goldsmith workshop, from De spherae (1480-1490)