The workshops and facilities of the jewellery-making school

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The workshops of the jewellery-making school

Entrance to the Metallo Nobile jewellery-making schoolThe school is located in an ancient, very spacious palazzo in the historic centre of Florence, between Piazza Santo Spirito and Piazza Pitti. It consists of various separate environments, with workshops and design classrooms all interconnecting to facilitate interaction among the various disciplines.

The jewellery-making benches in the schoolThe main workshop

This environment consists of 22 fixed work stations for students, fitted with whip drills, grinders and sanders. Each work station is also equipped with a toolbox containing round-nose pliers, narrow flat pliers, half round-nose pliers, large flat pliers, welding scissors, clasps, fire tongs, brushes, collectors for metal filings, fretwork wands, large flat files, large half-round course-grain files, large half-round fine-grain files, triangular needle files, round needle files, flat needle files, set small-needle files, goldsmith's hammers, watchmaker's clasps, "bicycle wheel spokes", double decimeters, compasses, and rubber hammers.
The complete toolbox allows students to have everything on hand that is necessary for their training.

Laminators and dies for metalsLaminator and die

2 laminators, 10 mm cylinders and hand die for the jewellery making course.

Hammering benchHammering bench

Wooden bench for embossing and engraving, equipped with bottoniere, steel imbottitoi and vice. Vulcanizer for the silicon rubber die. Injector for the moulding of the wax models.

Tool panelTools and dies

Panel for general use of the tools.

Welding, wax and micro-castingWelding and micro-casting

Room equipped with a kiln for firing the cylinders, a vacuum smelting complex, aspiration, wax casting furnace, metal melting furnace, casting bench for use of the brackets.

5 welding stations with aspiration fans and a sealing wax station.

Finishing benchFinishing room

Room equipped with a cleaning machine with two stations with aspiration fans and ultrasound baths, magnetic and spherical sifters, and basins for recovering the metals.

Stations for hot enamellingEnamelling station

3 stations for the hot enamelling specialisation courses

Bench for micro-casting and wax modellingWax modelling

4 stations for the microcasting and wax courses.

Drawing room and 3D computer designDrawing and 3D computer design

Room reserved for the theoretical part of the courses, with 2 fixed stations for the graphic computer and 6 drawing benches adaptable for notebooks. There is also a jewellery library available for students.

3D printing and photography workshop3D printing and photographic set

This is where the resin prototypes are printed via the rapid prototyping method, and where the products manufactured are photographed. This room is fitted with a bench, a stereolithographic printer, a kiln for resins and a photographic set with softbox umbrellas for still-life photos.

Station also reserved for photo editing and pagination for creating portfolios.

Entrance to the Metallo Nobile school
Entrance to the school